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Fovntain is intended solely for personal use and should never be utilized for commercial purposes.

Website Content The Fovntain team reserves the right to create, modify, or update any product images, descriptions, prices, or other relevant information on our website without prior notice. This includes the ability to modify content after a purchase has been made. According to our Returns and Exchanges policy, if a customer is dissatisfied with a product they receive, they may return it.

Online Purchases We work hard to ensure that all product information, prices, images, and content on our website are current, accurate, and pertinent. Our quality assurance team takes every measure to ensure that the product displayed on the website is as accurate as feasible in terms of color, appearance, texture, and other characteristics. However, the quality of the image exhibited may vary depending on your monitor and system settings; consequently, we cannot guarantee that the product images on the website are identical to the actual product. Nonetheless, we guarantee that you will obtain the best possible product.

Order Procedure All orders submitted on our website are subject to the following Terms and Conditions for approval.

Until we accept your purchase order, it does not comprise a legally binding contract. If you have ordered multiple items, your order is regarded as a series of individual offers for each item. After receiving your order, we will send you an email containing your transaction number, product details, and an estimated delivery date.

Prior to acknowledging an order, Fovntain reserves the right to reject any proposals included in the order. If a product is unavailable, we will notify you via email, and the terms of the unavailable product will not be included in the contract for the products that are being shipped. During the order procedure, the delivery fees will be displayed based on the delivery address.

There is no waiver If you violate any of the aforementioned terms and conditions and we do not take action against you, we retain the right to exercise our rights in any other circumstance where you violate these terms.

Jurisdiction, Governing Law, and Dispute Resolution

All terms and conditions, including policies and procedures, are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates, as administered by their respective courts. However, these regulations are consistent with those of the United Kingdom and the United States. In the event of a mutually unresolved dispute between the buyer and Fovntain, either party may refer the dispute originating from or relating to the preceding Terms and Conditions to binding mediation for resolution